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Does Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Wash Out?


The easy answer to this is yes…. However! There is a however…

This only applies to a true semi-permanent. I’ve lost count over the years how many times I’ve had someone in my chair saying they’ve only ever put a semi-permanent colour on their hair and is perplexed as to why it has not lifted out as expected.

This is no fault of the client if they truly believe they have only ever used a semi as many shop bought colours will advertise their product as a semi-permanent, when in actual fact it could be a demi, quasi or actually permanent…. Shocking I know!

The best way to check this, is if you have to mix the colour with anything other than water or conditioner, then 9 times out of 10 it is not a true semi-permanent. As it is being mixed with some kind of developer, that then makes it an oxidative colour. This means that it is penetrating the hair further than just sitting on the surface of the cuticle.

Now don’t be put off and think there is no such thing as semi-permanent hair colours, just be careful in what you are choosing. A true semi-permanent can be a really fun way of experimenting without the commitment and can last you up to 15 washes before its all out. Just don’t get this mixed up with direct dyes as that’s a whole different story and can stain the hair.

If you’re unsure, speak to your hair colourist about it and they can advise. Or if you want to guarantee a professional, low commitment colour that saves you on any potential costly mistakes, they can do it for you!! #letsgetcreative

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