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At Bespoke Colour House we pride ourselves on being the go to hairdressers in Dunfermline for hair colour. It's kind of our thing, so we make sure that we are all at the top of our colour game. Your whole team is on a continuous comprehensive development programme overseen by salon director, Wella Master Colour Expert (distinction) and award winning stylist Keira. You can be confident that you're always with the very best when you visit.

What is a Master Colour Expert???

A Master Colour Expert (MCE) is one of the most highly skilled and qualified colourists in the industry held by less than 1% of hair stylists. MCE's have a super scientific knowledge of your hair and colour well beyond your standard colourist, knowing the structure of a single hair strand to exactly how all colours affect it. MCE's know exactly what colours you can achieve whilst maintaining excellent hair condition and are at the pinnacle of the industry when it comes to colour corrections.

If it's your first time having your hair coloured in the salon or you're looking for a colour change, you must book in for a consultation with one of your Dunfermline hairdressers before you book your colour appointment. That will allow us to do any necessary skin and strand tests, discuss your hair goals and make a plan, but whether it's your first visit to the salon or your 50th, you'll always receive a thorough consultation. We're throwing the typical salon phrase "just the usual?'' straight in the bin.

If you haven't had your colour done at Bespoke Colour House in over 6 months you will need a skin test at least 48 hours before your appointment. No need to make an appointment for this, just drop in.

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During your consultation your hair stylist will help you choose the perfect hair colour and service that will compliment your features, lifestyle and hair. In the meantime you can have a look below to get an idea of what each hair colour service is all about.


Stunning Balayage.jpg

One of our most popular hair colour services. This is a freehand colour blending technique where no foils are used leaving you with flawlessly blended colour throughout. This is perfect when you're looking for a low maintenance stunning hair colour.

Recommended Maintenance: 8 - 12 weeks


Blonde Goals by the Bespoke Dunfermline

Fine weaved highlights using the heat of foils throughout the hair to give optimal lightening. Colour can also be added to this service on your roots and in between your lightened sections. A toner may be required with your highlights.

Recommended Maintenance: 6 - 8 weeks

Full Head Colour

Shiny Healthy Black Hair at Bespoke Salo

One colour expertly selected and mixed applied all over the hair. Simple.

Recommended Maintenance: 6 weeks

Creative Colour

Colour Melt Shine by the Dunfermline Col

Vivid colour that must be applied to pre lightened hair. Bleach is usually required prior to this service. Creative colours are semi-permanent. Perfect when you want that statement hair.

Recommended Maintenance: 4 weeks


Regrowth/roots coverage of an existing all over single colour.


To adjust the tone of your hair. This can be used to compliment colour services for things like eliminating brassiness and cooling your hair to an ashy tone. The colour service for changing your hairs colour, and the toner for adjusting your hairs tone.


Required to get your hair to a lighter shade. A toner is usually required with this service if no additional colours are being applied. We take extra care during this service to keep your hair in great condition.

Recommended Maintenance: 4 - 6 weeks

Hair Colour Corrections

Naturally we are experts in correcting hair colour mishaps. Has your hair gone yellow? Has your hair went dry and brittle? Did a DIY job not go as planned? Is there some unwanted colour build up? Whatever the colour correction job your hair colour experts can help. After a thorough consultation with one of your hair stylists we can plan and take you on a journey back to stunning, healthy hair.


Your hair is the crown you never take off, so make sure you wear it like the boss you are. Hit the 'Book Online' or 'Call' button at the top of your screen to book your consultation and let your colour experts help you reach your hair colour goals at the best hairdressers in Dunfermline. 

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