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At Bespoke Colour House you have an expert in 3 of the UK's most popular hair extension types.

Whether you are looking for tapes, the LA weave or I-tips, we have you covered.

We only ever use the highest quality of hair from the award winning Beauty Works and Pro Styles.

Call us to book in for a free no obligation consultation so your hair extension expert can help you find the perfect hair extensions for you.




LA Weave Hair Extensions Dunfermline at Bespoke Salon
Tape Hair Extensions Before and
I-Tip Hair Extensions Before and After (

Hair Extensions Aftercare Routine

Your extensions are made from 100% human hair so can be styled just like your own. Unlike your own hair however they don’t receive nutrients from the scalp so extra care must be taken not to damage them. To keep your extensions in the best condition possible it is very important that you follow the aftercare advice below.


  • Always use sulphate free shampoo, conditioner and products on your extensions to keep them from drying out.

  • Always plait your hair before bed to keep your extensions from becoming matted.

  • Avoid wearing your hair in a tight bobble so as not to put undue stress on your extension fittings.

  • Always brush your extensions from point to root to avoid putting undue stress on your fittings (Ask your stylist if you would like a demonstration) and use a tangle teaser or large paddle brush on your extensions.

  • Avoid chlorine and hard water as this may discolour and dry out your extensions.

  • Avoid heat at the root of your extensions e.g. straighteners and avoid excessive use of heat tools on your extensions.

  • Avoid washing your extensions until 48 hours after initial fitting.

  • In salon maintenance is required every 6-10 weeks depending on your extensions type. Your stylist will advise on this.

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