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Autumn/Winter Hair Trends 2022

Summer is nearly over and a new season is upon us. It’s time to swap out our summer footwear for winter boots, pull out all the chunky knits, and update the autumn/winter wardrobe. Is anyone else secretly looking forward to the darker nights and getting all cosy watching some Netflix?

As we change our wardrobe for the new season, we also start to think about updating our hair. We might opt for light sun kissed hair in the summer, but autumn/winter is all about taking in the colours of the new season, and using all of nature’s earthy tones as our inspiration. Think about the leaves turning a fiery orange and the warm tones of fallen chestnuts.

Have a look at our top 5 autumn/winter hair trends for 2022. Nothing gives that new season feeling like brand new hair, and a big chop is the best way for ridding hair of split ends and faded colour from the summer.

1) Head Turning Copper

Copper Hair Colour
Vibrant Copper Hair Colour

Nothing says autumn more than a vibrant copper. Copper has always been a firm fave in the salon. The best thing about copper is that there are so many different variations to suit any skin tone. Light copper to suit paler skin and rich auburn shades to suit darker skin. If your unsure on what will suit you, book a consultation with your colourist, and they can advise. To keep your colour looking expensive with that new colour shine, use a coloured hair mask to freshen the colour and lock in the gloss. We love Wella colour fresh masks, with 11 shades to choose from.

2) The French Bob

French Bob
French Bob

The chic French bob is still going strong. It’s all about jaw length sharp lines with no graduation, and anything with a 90’s vibe is still huge, so be sure to pair it with a middle parting. The French bob is a timeless classic look that can be worn smooth and sleek, or textured for a bit of fun. We love Sebastian Drynamic for a bit of dry texture and jushe.

3) Bronzed Bark

Bronzed Bark Hair Colour
Bronzed Bark Hair Colour

Rich chestnut shades and muted browns dominated Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion week. Think about all the seasonal earthy tones like bark on a tree and firewood. Ask your colourist to weave in deep bronze shimmery highs into your hair to give it a look that dazzles! Treat yourself to an Innoluxe treatment along with your colour for that extra health and shine.

4) Golden Hour

Golden Blonde Hair Colour
Golden Blonde

Move over icy blonde, the golden hour is upon us! Autumn/winter means embracing a more neutral blonde. Think about honeys, champagnes, and shimmers of gold all finely woven together to create warmer, richer tones that reflects the light and create the appearance of health and shine on the hair. Book in for a Shinefinity glaze to get that multi-tonal look you’re craving!

5) Cutting Shapes

70's Hair Style
70's Hair Style

The 70’s vibe is still bang on trend for Autumn/Winter 22. We are seeing more and more people flocking to the salon to get this cool girl style! Everyone is loving the chunky bangs and casual waves that some expertly cut layering can give you. Think of it as the wolf cuts little sister. To get that effortlessly styled 70s look, we love Sebastian Matte Putty. It’s great for adding definition to long layers.

Well, well, well, who’s excited to try something new on their hair for autumn/winter? I am!

BRB desperately trying to figure out how I can have all 5 looks at once :-D

Lots of Love Keira X

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