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Do you want to easily book to get your hair done at Bespoke Colour House Dunfermline? You can use the app to do it anytime you want. You can also see how many reward points you have earned. You can check when you had your hair done before and when you will have it done next. You can find out how to get to our hair salon in Dunfermline and buy gift cards for your friends. The app is easy and fun to use.

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The Bespoke Colour House App


You go to the hair stylist to make your hair look nice, right? But it’s not only that. A great hair salon experience can make you feel good about yourself. It can make your day better. It can make you happy. It can boost your confidence.

But it’s just a hair salon, right? It’s just a hairstyle?


Well, think about this. When you look good and have a great time at the hair salon, you feel good. When you feel good, everything changes. It’s not magic. It’s just being the best you.

We know this. We care about this. That’s why we do our best for you. Not just to colour and cut your hair, but to make you feel amazing.

You come to us for the hair. You come back for everything else.

Click on the buttons at the top to book an see why we are a multi-award winning hair salon, including 'Best Hair Salon in Scotland 2020'. If you need some help, give us a call and book a consultation with one of our friendly Dunfermline hairdressers.

Our Risk Free Guarantee

We are so confident you'll love your time at our Dunfermline hair salon that we guarantee it. If in the very unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with your service, tell us within 48 hours and we will put it right for free.

Our 6 Promises to you

1. We promise to always welcome you into a friendly relaxed atmosphere


2. We promise to give you an excellent consultation. To ask the right questions and listen to you


3. We promise to always put all of our passion and skill into your hair every time you visit


4. We promise to pay attention to making every part of your salon journey memorable


5. We promise to always invite you back

6. We promise to give back to charity and the local community

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