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Should I Cut My Own Fringe?

Picture this… We’ve been stuck in the house for weeks now. Your trusty salon is shut! even wee ol Bettys down the road has had to shut the doors. You're constantly irritated by your overly long fringe getting in your eyes, angrily swiping it out the way whilst home-schooling the kids or binge watching another Netflix series. I know exactly how you feel!!!

If only you could just give your fringe a little teeny tiny trim just to get it out of the way. No one will notice and it would just make everything easier…. yes??


Stop what you’re doing and put the wine glass and kitchen scissors down!!!!

We’ve all watched the YouTube videos of fringe cut fails, right?? The ones where the girl always looks really surprised and horrified all at once 😂. We’ve all had a right good laugh from them thinking 'oh god I would never do that!!!'…… well remember those times now coz your gonna need them!!

For starters fringes/bangs and freehand cutting are probably one of the hardest things to cut even for trained professionals, and we NEVER cut hair after a glass of wine or two 😂.

Secondly, professional hairdressing scissors are extremely sharp and very expensive for good reason. Scissors you find lying around the house just won’t cut it <- (excuse the pun)

Instead of chopping a little bit more off just to even it up…. I’ve put together 5 easy things you can try with your fringe to keep it out the way until your hair salon is back open 😊 (enter sigh of relief)

1. Braid it – if your fringe is long you should be able to put a little French braid in it and tuck it out of the way. This is probably one of the most difficult solutions but at least we have the time to practice.

2. Quiff It – This is so simple and quick, you only need one Kirby grip to hold it all in place. Keep it messy so if you get any stray bits it doesn’t matter.

3. Part It – This is probably the easiest solution. Pop your hair in its parting and sweep it to the side adding a little bit of hairspray to keep it from falling forward.

4. Accessorise It – Make it fancy and choose your blingiest accessory, sweep your fringe to the side and clip it…. Voila who says you can’t look glam for the living room!

5. And if all else fails…… put a bobble in it!!! HAHAHA

Hope this helps to avert any fringe disasters 😊 good luck trying them all out. Maybe a new look for every day? Let’s stay positive everyone we WILL get through this together. See you all again soon.

Lots of Love

Keira xx

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Jeffrey F
Jeffrey F
24 sept. 2021

Good reading youur post

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