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Should I Colour my Hair Lighter for Summer?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Summer is on its way. Woohoo!! Holidays are getting booked, suitcases are getting dusted off, new outfits are being bought, but the one question on everyone’s lips is “Should I colour my hair lighter for the summer?”

The short answer is why the hell not?! Channelling your inner Elle Woods can be a fun change but first, let’s look at the facts.

1) I already have colour on my hair…

If you are dark or have previous colour in your hair it's always best to talk to your colourist first so they can advise on the best way forward to achieve your blonde dreams. A good colourist will give you a breakdown on price, how long it will take to achieve and they will also do any necessary tests before booking your appointment.

2) Will it ruin my hair?

There is a lot of stigma about bleaching the hair and the damage it causes, but these days we have so many great products and nourishing re-bond treatments available in salon that you can still walk out the door with shiny, healthy hair… wait, what?? Blonde and healthy??? Ask your stylist about Innoluxe and I promise you won’t regret it… Mirror mirror on the wall strength, shine, feel I want them all…

Just remember, if your hair is extremely unhealthy to begin with your colourist will put you on a treatment plan to get your hair back to a good condition before colouring.

3) What shade of blonde will suit me?

Just like makeup, your skin tone will determine if cooler or warmer shades will suit you best. Your colourist will be able to show you this at your consultation.

If warm shades suit you best think warm buttery blondes, deep caramels and rich sandy tones which are so on trend for summer 2022. Are you salivating at the thought of your new do yet?

4) Is blonde easy to maintain?

At your consultation your colourist will tell you all about your top up services that are needed to maintain that golden mane. Over time your toner will wash out so a little in between glaze with a trim might be best for you. If full on blonde is your thang bear in mind your roots will need topped up every 6 weeks otherwise it becomes a lot longer and more costly appointment.

Even with the magic potion Innoluxe, you still need to look after those tresses as blondes, even if they have more fun, may go a little dry if not properly cared for. Your stylist will give you an aftercare sheet with all the right products to keep your locks in salon finished condition.

5) I am going on holiday in the summer. Will I be blonde by then?

March/April is the prime time to start your summer hair colour journey, even if you already have a little blonde in your hair, going lighter usually takes a couple of appointments to get the goal colour just right. If you haven’t already, then get that consultation booked ASAP. Going lighter or staying the same colour is a perfect summer hair choice as colour tends to fade and get lighter in the sun and sea anyway.

Whether you want to experiment with a little bit of caramel through the ends or go full on Daenerys mother of dragons, having a little change up every now and then is always good for the soul and summer is the perfect place to start!

Enjoy each stage and your colourist will guide you through it 😊

Call 01383 223410 or hit the book online button at the top of the page to book a consultation and get your colour ready for summer!

Lots of Love

Keira X

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