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Our Promise to you

To take a positive out of lockdown, the time we were closed let us reflect on who we are and who we want to be as a hair salon... So we've made a few small changes.

You've probably noticed by now our name change from Bespoke Salon to Bespoke Colour House. That was a pretty easy one. Hair colour is and always will be our thing. Also we always put a huge focus on your hair salon experience. You should always feel at home when you visit.

The second change is our new promise to you. This was after a lot of thought... You can see our full promise at the bottom of this blog post but we want to focus on one part of that promise in particular right now.

We promise to give back to charity and our local community.

This is how we're going to get started. For two days per year we will close the hair salon to clients and pay the full team to work for local charitable and community causes. The days are already scheduled in and will be every year.

You, our local community have trusted us, been loyal to us and supported us. You're the reason we are here. Especially after this crazy year. Rather than saying thank you again we want to show you.

On top of this, we also pledge 5% of all future profits to local charitable causes.

It's a small start but it's a start. As a business this is less than 1% of our working time. The goal is that other local businesses that can, join us in doing the same. How amazing would that be for Dunfermline?! 🌈

We're still deciding how to use this time in the best possible way and would love your suggestions ❤️

Our Client Promise

🌈 We promise to always welcome you into a friendly relaxed atmosphere

🌈 We promise to give you an excellent consultation. To ask the right questions and listen to you

🌈 We promise to always put all of our passion and skill into your hair every time you visit

🌈 We promise to pay attention to making every part of your salon journey memorable

🌈 We promise to always invite you back

🌈 We promise to give back to charity and the local community

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First of all I think this is a great idea to do this charitable event,,l would love to see the unsung heroes who have gone out there way to help people,,carers,,people that cannot afford a hair cut ,,,elderly people in nursing homes ,,

Hope this helps.

Fiona x💞

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