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How to Combat Oily Hair

How annoying and frustrating is it when you’ve washed dried and styled your hair in the morning and then by afternoon its starting to look greasy again!!.... How can that be?!?!

The most likely reason this is happening is that you may have a naturally oily scalp and hair, but that’s ok we can help 😊 No one wants to waste time worrying over oily locks!!

Here’s a few things that will help combat those pesky hair insecurities.

1. Wash Your Hair Less

I know I know that’s absurd right? And how can you possibly go out with unwashed hair!! But when you are washing your hair you are stripping your hair of its natural oils therefore it is working faster to reproduce those oils leaving your hair feeling greasy. I would recommend every 2-3 days.

2. Clarifying Shampoo

When you are washing your hair use a clarifying shampoo, this will help get rid of any product build up and balance out the oils… Have you ever wondered why your stylist washes your hair twice?? No, its not because your hair is extra dirty LOL its because the first shampoo gets rid of the surface layer of dirt and grease the second shampoo actually cleans your hair.

3. Condition the Ends

Only apply conditioner through your mid-lengths and ends, putting conditioner through your roots will make it oily quicker.

4. Balance the Brushing

Keep your hair brushing routine balanced, by working out what works best for you. Not brushing your hair enough keeps the natural oils from being distributed and they build up on the scalp. Over brushing on the other hand stimulates oil production.

5. Stop Touching

Your hands and face both produce oil so touching your hair all the time or letting it fall in your face will soon make your hair greasy.

6. Products is Key

Take note of what products you are using on your hair and where you are putting them. Products that give you “shine” or oil-based products are going to do exactly what you don’t want them to do. Opt for a texturizing spray or a dry mist instead.

7. Dry Shampoo

If all else fails go grab yourself a trusty tin of dry shampoo, spritz onto the roots and give your hair a little shake. It will absorb the oil from your roots and will help your hair last longer in between washes, it also helps give your hair a little volume…. An all-round winner 😊

Hope you find the hair hacks and little tricks helpful 😊

Lots of love

Keira Campbell-Sharp

(Salon Director)

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