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How do I Protect my Hair From the Sun on Holiday?

Its holiday time!!! Time to get that suitcase packed with all those wonderful, colourful summer clothes folded neatly alongside the matching shoes, bikinis and sun cream galore inside your brand-new shiny luggage with matching travel tag……ahhhh sigh….

But wait, what about your hair?? You’ve spent the last couple of months getting your colour just right. Will it all go to pot with the sun, chlorine, sand, and sea? How will it look in all the Instagram photos you’re planning on taking? Will It be ruined? You’re sure you’ve read somewhere that going on holiday is your hairs worst nightmare! The frizz, the dryness, the brittle ends, and OMG, the image of Monica from friends all running through your head at once! STOP…. Deep breath….. We’ve put together 5 handy tips to help your hair through the holiday season so it will be just as luscious as when you first boarded the plane.

1) Trim It Off

Ok, so the very first step is to get it trimmed. By removing the split ends you’ll get less breakage, and your hair will be stronger. Can I get a “yes please” to healthy hair! Ask your stylist to book you in for a tidy up before your holiday, your hair will thank you.

2) Back to Basics

So, you already know that you need to pack shampoo and conditioner, but what will benefit your hair the most is the question. We love Wella’s Invigo Sun after sun cleansing shampoo and conditioner. It’s a nourishing after sun for your hair that gently cleanses away the chlorine, sand, and sea salt residue. Perfect for those who like to swim and lay in the sun.

3) Protection First

Now you wouldn’t sunbathe without any sun cream on, would you? Exactly! The same goes for your hair. You must protect it before exposing it to the sun and sea. We recommend spritzing Wella’s Elements leave in conditioning spray over your locks to keep them well conditioned and tangle free before heading out. For double protection you can also follow with Sebastian Pro’s Trilliant Shine and Heat protection spray. Using these products on your hair before exposing it to sun will help create a nourishing barrier around your hair keeping that frizz away! (Remember Monica).

4) Treat It

Even after using the right shampoos and products you will still need to give your hair a little extra TLC. I mean, we live in Scotland. Your hair isn’t used to the heat! So, a couple of times a week whilst your freshly showered sitting on your balcony with a cocktail, pop a mask on your hair, even if its only for 10 minutes. Trust me your hair will love you for it. It needs to soak up that extra moisture. We love Wella’s Fusion intense repair mask.

5) Keep It Covered

Ok, so the best way to protect your hair from the sun is to keep it covered with a hat. I know that’s not always feasible (not everyone is a hat person I get it), but not only will it protect your hair from the sun, it will also protect your scalp from burning because let’s face it. Who’s a saint that religiously puts sun cream on their scalp? I certainly don’t, and 9 times out of 10 I burn my scalp on the first day! You’re in luck though, there are so many nice hats out now and so many different choices so why not channel your inner sex in the city vibes and go for a full out statement wide brim hat? After all, you are on your holidays, and if you can’t wear a fancy hat on holiday then when can you?

I hope these handy tips are helpful for when packing your holiday haircare. Just remember you don’t want to spend hundreds on that perfect hair colour just to ruin it all in the sun.

We have all the hair products and expertise you need to protect your hair on holiday, so be sure to pop in to the salon for your holiday hair hamper before you head off!

I hope wherever you go or whatever you do in the summer, you have a fantastic time! Meanwhile you’ll find me on the balcony chilling with a hair mask and cocktail 😊 Ciao

Lots of Love

Keira X

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