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Happy Halloween from the Boospoke Team!

The Bespoke Salon Team on Halloween
Team Boospoke

It's halloween so your hair stylists got their scary faces on for you. We just wanted to say a massive happy halloween from all of us. We hope you had as much fun as we did dressing up!

Here's a little run down of the who's who in the Boospoke Team...

From left to right:

Millie AKA Sparkle Rainbow Joker

Cheryl AKA Mrs Scissorhands

Romma AKA Skelebones

Keira AKA The Client Who Didn't Keep Her Head Still

Chloe AKA Little Dead Riding Hood

Becky AKA The Glesga Grin

Emma AKA The Dead Princess

Next time we dress up we'll have our santa hats on. Until then we'll just keep doing what we love. Making your hair look amazing and giving you the best service at the best hairdressers in Dunfermline.

See you soon!

The team at Bespoke Hair Salon Dunfermline x

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