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Can I Make my Hair Grow Faster?

We’ve all been there, right? Had our hair chopped, loving it for a few weeks then suddenly… uh oh I want my long hair back, but I want it like yesterday! Now as much as I would love to spill the beans on rapid hair growth, unfortunately there isn’t a secret formula that you can whip up at home and ta-da!! Hair grows on average 1cm per month, and it’s completely normal to shed around 50- 100 hairs a day!! I know that sounds crazy right!

However, fear not! I do have a few handy tricks up my sleeve that promotes healthy hair growth, so you will be off to a flying start and have healthier, stronger, and in time longer hair 😊

1) Get Regular Trims

Yes, yes, I know nobody likes to believe that you need a haircut for it to grow, but you absolutely do! For your hair to reach its full growth potential you must get a trim every 8 – 10 weeks. This doesn’t mean getting lots lobbed off your hair each appointment, but a little trim will make all the difference. After all, getting rid of split ends stops your hair from breaking, and when your hair breaks you lose length!!

2) Massage Your Scalp

Looking after your scalp is just as important as looking after your hair. Give it a treat once every couple of weeks with a deep clarifying shampoo to get rid of any build up, then use a scalp treatment and massage it right in (this helps increase the blood circulation to promote hair growth). To refresh and hydrate we love Wella WeDo Scalp refresh – Scalp & Hair Tonic

3) Eat a Balanced Diet

Long strong hair doesn’t just come from what you put on your hair. You need to feed your hair from the inside out. Make sure you are getting all the right nutrients in your body, and you will reap the benefits in not just your hair but your skin also (winner winner). Hair needs protein to grow so try adding in some more beans, lentils, and nuts into your diet to make a difference.

4) Healthy Hair Vits

Again, with feeding your hair from the inside out. Try adding a supplement to your daily routine like biotin or one for hair, skin, and nails. This will help alongside a balanced diet.

5) Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Go sulphate free!! If you haven’t already switched up your shampoo to a sulphate free, then do so now – thank me later 😉 Sulphates are known to strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins making it drier and more prone to breakage. We love the Wella Elements Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask.

6) Sleep on Silk

Sleep like the queen you are on a silk pillowcase. This will reduce friction on not just your hair, but your skin too. I can’t recommend this highly enough. It will reduce frizz, tangles, and hair breakage all whilst you sleep! Its great for keeping those annoying wrinkles at bay too!

7) Protect your Hair from Heat

As much as we love to style our hair for going out, dropping the heat on your fave styling tools will work wonders! Or you can treat yourself to an upgrade. We love GHD – Platinum+ hair straighteners as they have predictive ultra-zone technology that adapts to your hair thickness and styling speed to deliver personalised results that protect the integrity of your hair. Always, always, and I can’t stress this enough, always use a good heat protector when using styling tools. We love Sebastian Trilliant Shine and heat protection spray (smells amazing too).

8) Lay off the Bleach

I know I know the blondies will hate me for this one but even though there are ways to protect your hair from bleaching it can still cause damage. If you’re serious about your hair growth, why not try a shadow root and toner for a couple of months? Makes a nice change and is still on trend and looking blonde. If you want to go down this root ß haha, make sure your colourist uses a demi permanent so it will be easy enough to go back to blonde if you wanted to do so in the future. Ask your colourist about Shinefinity.

9) Protective Styling

As much as we all love the piled up on top of your head messy bun look, it can cause a bit of stress on your hair. Try to change your updo days to a low ponytail or loose braid. Equally, wearing your hair down all day can cause your hair to tangle which can cause breakage, so make sure to do plenty of brushing throughout the day to keep those tangles at bay.

10) Treat Those Tresses

Your hair is your crown so treat it with the love and respect it deserves. Once a month treat your hair to an Innoluxe treatment. This will make your hair look and feel luscious. You can either get it popped into your colour or get it as a stand-alone treatment. Your hair will thank you for it. Never will it have felt so strong, healthy, and shiny. I look back on the days before we had anything like Innoluxe and cringe inside at the thought of what my hair looked and felt like. Ask your stylist to add an Innoluxe treatment to your next colour and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

So, in a nutshell, if you make these 10 little changes to your hair care routine you will be fast on your way to the long, luscious locks of your dreams. Just remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. Growing your hair takes time, and the most important part is keeping it healthy 😊

Lots of Love

Keira x

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