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A Fairy tale of Hair Bond Builders

Split ends, breakage, frizz, more bad hair days than good? If all of this sounds a little too familiar, then you should absolutely be using a bond builder! We love Innoluxe, and use it every day in the salon. In fact, I wouldn’t get my hair coloured without it … But what, I hear you ask, is a bond builder? Well, my hairy little friend, let me tell you a story all about hair, protein, and sulphur bonds 😊

Once upon a time…

There was a beautiful palace called healthy hair palace. It was made up of mostly protein, which was held together by bonds. Of all the bonds, sulphur bonds were the strongest and gave the healthy hair palace its strength and shape. The problems began, when a nasty cowboy builder named Bob came along. In Bobs toolkit he had heat styling, hair colour, chemicals, and pollution.

One day, Bob started hammering all these things into the walls of healthy hair palace causing its bonds to break and leaving microscopic holes inside the palace’s walls. Healthy hair palace was now becoming porous, broken, and damaged, making it harder for the princess to style. What an earth had Bob done! The princess was so upset and ran off to the hair salon to look for a brave knight that could get rid of cowboy Bob!

When the princess reached the hair salon, she was greeted by Sir Innoluxe, standing proud with his red cape and white quiff! “Please, Sir Innoluxe!” the princess cried. “Cowboy Bob is destroying my beautiful healthy hair palace. I need a brave knight to make him go away!” Sir Innoluxe, who is a good proper builder carrying advanced amino bond technology in his toolkit replied “It would be my honour princess. No job is too big for Sir innoluxe!” He followed the princess back to healthy hair palace and quickly filled all the holes that Bob made with the specific sized protein each hole needed… protecting, softening, and thickening each strand. Once Sir Innoluxe had done that, he then added a protective conditioning shield that binded it all together. Cowboy Bob knew he was no match for Sir Innoluxe, and ran off into the distance.

Healthy hair palace was saved! It was stronger, healthier, shinier, and in much better condition. The princess could now style it beautifully. Bob and his antics had been banished!

“Thank you Sir Innoluxe!” cheered the princess “but what if cowboy Bob comes back?”. “Fear not princess” Sir Innoluxe assured. “My noble steed, Elixer will stand guard at your palace to protect it” Elixir carried a super conditioning leave in treatment that the princess could apply to healthy hair palace herself, which would look after and continue the hard work that Sir Innoluxe had done.

“How will I ever thank you Sir Innoluxe?” said the princess. “Just make sure you call on me at the hair salon every time hair colour is being applied to your healthy hair palace” replied Sir Innoluxe, “and take my noble steed Elixer home with you”.

The End

If you need Innoluxe to save you from cowboy Bob, ask your stylist about Innoluxe. You can choose to have the magic potion popped into your colour or it can be used as a stand-alone treatment. Almost all of our clients opt for this to be added to their colour. Innoluxe also has a take home platinum mask that helps keep all the blondies brassy tones at bay at home 😊

I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Innoluxe has helped us make the impossible possible by repairing and rebuilding as we colour. I couldn’t imagine life without it now 😊 #Innoluxe #colourthatslays

Lots of love

Keira X

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