10 Hair Trends for 2018!

My Inner more serious self is silently screaming how is it 2018 already? Where does the time go? My outer more creative self is saying…... yeeesss……... a new year brings a whole host of new hair trends just waiting to be experimented with!!

We’ve put together a list of 10 hair trends that we, at Bespoke Salon predict will be a massive hit for this fabulous year 😊.


Ultra Violet Hair at Bespoke Salon

The Witching Hour

Ultra Violet was named Pantones colour of the year, so it’s to no surprise that we are finding it popping up everywhere from clothes, fashion lifestyle and of course hair, and we couldn’t be happier. This magical mystical hue brings a fun colour pop to your locks. A great thing about this colour is that it works well with dark hair so no need for over lightening. A great start to 2018!!

2. 80’s IS BACK

Chopstick Curls at Bespoke Salon

Who’s Ready for Big Hair??

Big and curly or, understated and cool, with a big ol’ scrunchie we are loving this trend!

Leave the straighteners at home and bring out the chopstick wand!! Take small sections and wrap your hair around the wand, leave for a few seconds then repeat on the rest of your hair…. And viola…big bouncy curly hair, give it a good shake and spritz with some hairspray this style will literally last you for days… If you decide understated and cool is more your thang, for a more modern look keep it looking sleek with a low ponytail, and team with a scrunchie try a colour pop one for a bit of a twist.


Platinum Hair at our Dunfermline Salon

Ice Ice Baby

We were obsessed with this last year, but this year we are adding a little more luxury to the situation by adding a silver hue for a super shiny metallic finish. Metallic is hot this year it will be seen everywhere from clothes and makeup right through to hair. To make your platinum hair work and looking catwalk worthy, make sure you keep it in the best condition by keeping up to date with regular conditioning treatments and haircut appointments.

4. LOB (long bob)

The LOB AKA Long Bob at Bespoke

The Lob is Staying Put!!!

The Lob has been going strong for a couple of years now and its going nowhere. I personally love this style and it suits practically everyone’s face shape and hair texture. This years take on the Lob is getting rid of those layers and keeping the ends blunt this creates a perfect edge and thickness at the bottom, especially perfect for people with fine hair. Style your Lob straight or wavy, whatever you decide it will still be bang on, and you will be rocking one of the biggest trends this year.


Barrettes Hair Accessories

Channel Your Inner Pre-Teen

Barrettes are THE accessory to have this year. We saw them all over the catwalk at fashion week. Now we are not talking the plastic sparkly clip you had when you where 12. Keep it cool by sliding them in almost level with the top of your ear on each side. Keep your hair texture natural and almost undone to let the Barrette speak for itself. We love a rose gold barrette or embellished with pearls for an easy night out look.


Innoluxe at Bespoke Salon Dunfermline

Be Gone With Those Frazzled Ends!

Absolutely loving the fact that everyone is jumping on the healthy hair bandwagon, and with all the revolutionary re- bonding products on the market now, there is no excuse to let your hair become dry and broken. We love Innoluxe. Pop into your local hair salon and ask for a stand-alone treatment or get it put in your colour. Using this along with regular trims will keep your hair looking its best. This is one trend we want to keep going!


Creative Colour by the Bespoke Hairdressers

Go on We Dare You!

The Bespoke team are all over this like a rash, we just can’t get enough. Last year we saw bright vivid colours coming into their own, and it’s just getting started. 2018 will see a lot more creative and adventurous hair colours, even celebrities are jumping all over this trend…. Think Unicorns, Mermaids and Tequila Sunrises. Mouth wateringly good. Be sure to keep your vivid colour looking fresh and polished for that Instagram worthy effortlessly cool expensive look.


Undone Braid at Bespoke Salon

All Braided up!

Now we don’t mean the kind of braid you get done on the beach when you're 8 😊. Braids have made a comeback in a big way the last couple of years. Last year the boxer braids where everyone’s go to style. 2018 braid trend is slightly different, think school girl undone, the style that took you around 2 minutes to do in the morning. A single braid down the middle all pulled out for a more natural look. Make sure you use a barely there elastic to fasten it at the bottom. Cute colourful hair bobbles might look fun but there’s no way you will get that effortlessly sophisticated look with them. Leave that to the kids. We also love pulled out braids, with a soft up do for a more glam look, ready for your night out.


Micro Fringe at Bespoke Salon

“Bang” on Trend

Possibly one of the scarier trends to try in 2018, especially if you’re not used to a fringe, but we promise you it works. A fringe gives your hairstyle a much edgier look that we love. If the red carpet is anything to go by little micro fringes are hot as hell at the moment. Micro fringes are essentially just a wispy or blunt fringe that starts a couple of centimetres above the eyebrows. You will either love it or loathe it. Never fear the look is surprisingly wearable.

If a micro fringe isn’t quite your thang…... opt for an undone longer choppier fringe that’s below the eyebrows so you can sweep to the sides if you need to.


Golden Honey Balayage by the Bespoke Hairdressers

Be a Golden Goddess

If your tired of platinum hair or find it unattainable, and want to give it a bit of a break, try opting for a rich golden hue instead. Don’t be afraid of warm tones. People think they are brassy, but like all colours there are so many different variations, golden beige or honey blonde, its all about picking the right tone for you. Team your golden tresses with a darker root, blending seamlessly into a soft balayage, contouring the face. This trend is certainly not going anywhere. A beautifully blended golden balayage is right up our street and we are so glad its here to stay.