10 Styles to See you Through the Party Season

Need some inspiration for your nights out over the festive period? Well the Bespoke hairdressers have been busy creating some edgy and exciting hair styles to see you through the party season.

Just give us a call or pop into the hair salon if you want these styles done by the pros. Our Saturday night blowdry bar open between 6pm and 9pm is perfect for getting any of these amazing styles before your big night out. Or give it a try yourself using our how to guide below.

Lets start with


Bang on trend for this season, an alternative style for all you adventurous girls out there. On dry hair, spray on some Label.M. Volume Mousse and roughly dry into your hair to create texture. Next curl all of your hair using a large tong for more texture, and section off a part of your hair front to back, this section will be for the cornrows. Using a scalp pleat method split this section into 3 and scalp pleat all the way down. Backcomb the rest of your hair and roughly pin into place using hair grips. To finish use Label.M Shaper and tease the hair with your fingers to create height.


Let your inner 60's girl shine through with this modern take on an iconic Brigitte Bardot look. Using Label.M. Resurrection Style dust sprinkle some onto the roots and section your hair from the crown backcombing forward, using your backcombing brush and fingers work the hair backwards and pin the top half of your hair up with hair grips, being careful not to over smooth. Finish up by spritzing on some Label.M. Hairspray to keep it in place.


The classic bun never dies, great for all those high necked dresses. First of all shampoo and condition your hair using Label.M. Treatment Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner. Then spritz on some Label.M. Blow Out Spray. Dry hair fairly smooth with a large round brush. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and backcomb, bending each section back slightly, smooth with a brush and secure it with hair grips working your way round, until you meet the first section again, finish off with a little shine spray for that sleek look.


Understated but at the same time glamorous, the fishtail plait is perfect for partying the night away. Using Label.M. Resurrection Style Dust sprinkle some on your roots and backcomb the top section of your hair. Smooth backwards and pin into place with hair grips. With the rest of the hair, pull to the side and work into a fishtail by separating the hair into two large sections, bringing a small section of hair from the back over to join to the other side. Repeat this all the way down alternating sides. Secure at the bottom with a band and finish by teasing out little strands so its not too sleek. Spritz on some Label.M. Hairspray to keep in place.


A simple classic updo for that black tie event, great with a cocktail dress. Dry hair with a large round brush using Label.M. Relaxing Balm to keep it sleek. Tie hair to the side with a band and wrap around a little bit of hair over the band to hide it. Loop hair under and secure with hair grips. To finish use some Label.M. Shaper to smooth away any flyaways.


An easy alternative to plaiting. A simple do with a high impact look. Wash your hair using Label.M. Oat and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner and blowdry using a large round brush. Backomb the top section of the hair for some height, smooth over and secure with hair grips leaving out the sides. Starting at the back, section your hair into three parts, twist each section and pin into place. With the sides twist the hair and work your way to the back. Secure it into place with hair grips. Finish off with some Label.M. Hairspray and Shine Spray.


A bad ass blowdry to go with that killer outfit. Cleanse your hair using Label.M. Oat and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. Then apply some Label.M. Thickening cream and blowdry using a round brush. Tong the hair using a large tong and pin it into little rolls all over your head. Leave your hair in rolls until the last minute. Un-pin all of the curls and shake the hair with your fingers. Smooth a little section at one side and pin into place. Finish off with some Label.M. Hairspray.


A great look for all of you 40's inspired lovelies, with a modern twist for that vintage classic. Curl your hair with a tong or straightening irons. Sprinkle some Label.M. Resurrection Style Dust onto the roots and massage into your scalp to give some root lift. Turn your head upside down, french pleat from the neck to the crown and secure it into place with hair grips. With the rest of the curls backcomb a little then bend and mould into place on top of your head towards the front and secure with pins. Finish off by spritzing all over with Label.M. Hair Perfume. A perfect finish for that glamorous do.


A soft pretty style for all you party princesses. After washing your hair spritz on some Label.M. Protein Spray to nourish and protect. Add a bit of Label.M. Blow Out Spray to create volume, and blowdry using a round brush. Curl all of your hair with a tong or straightening iron. Starting at the top begin doing a french plait but dropping out each section at one side. Continue to do this all the way around for that beautiful waterfall effect, secure the end in place with hair grips. To finish use Label.M. Matt Paste to tease the curls out creating texture for that un done look.


For all of you long haired beauties wanting to try a new style without the commitment. This seasons trend is a lovely 20's wave. After washing your hair apply a small amount of Label.M. Curl Cream and blowdry using a round brush. Curl all of your hair using a large tong. Tuck it up at the back and secure underneath with hair pins making sure you leave some loose pieces at the sides for texture. Finish up by spritzing on some Label.M. Hair Perfume for that red carpet glamour.

Just some of the great hairstyles from our Bespoke Dunfermline hair salon. Let us style you beautiful. Lots of love, Bespoke Hair & Beauty.

Saturday night blowdry bar open between 6pm and 9pm. (By appointment only)

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